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State of our brand


We have people from around the world using what we've passionately created. They are using it to have fun, for social connections - friendships, even -, to spend some free time after work or to be the very best and achievement everything that can be achieved.

We love when our community shares this fantastic world, their own stories. This brings people together to DreamShell. When you see one of our servers, we want to promote and emphasize not only our sense of design, ideas or a bunch of settings, but the consistency of DreamShell brand.

This philosophy is carried through with every DreamShell product and component, from the welcome message on every server to the last typed character on our website. We worked hard for years to build this face and recognition of the brand and eventually became the synonym of stability and pure gaming.

For this reason we really hope that – both as a totally free gaming platform, and everything beyond - DreamShell will climb up to the top of current Lineage II High Five servers and help everyone to keep this amazing game alive until there is at least one player. We believe that honoring players who appreciate careful builds and equality will make it work.

With this mentality we designed three brand new servers for you just for the love of the game. We will never offer you virtual items for real-life currency or voting rewards. We offer an experienced staff, a stable platform, and great – not easy, but fun and challenging – gaming.

With Respect,

DreamShell founders


...it will come




Dynasty Essence

Dear Players,
Fulfilling one of our earlier requests, you may now put Dynasty Essence on Dynasty armors - unrelatedly to Hellbound - on Luna as well. For this purpose, Moon Moon has a new option.
Prices are as below:
Essence I:
Plain Dynasty armor, 15 Festival Adena, 100 S Gemstone
Essence II:
Essence I Dynasty armor, 20 Festival Adena, 20 Glittering Medal, 100 S Gemstone
DS Admin Team

Failed merge

Dear players,
The following article was born to clarify some things. You should know that we are not just resting on our laurels and you should be aware that the current attendance on Luna is not fitting our taste either. Some things do happen in the background, but these things may not necessarily reach you.
Click on the title to read the rest.


Dear Players,
We had our heads around the reasons why the archers are the least played classes on our servers for a very long time. Based on their capabilities we think of them as really good characters.
Based on the changes that were done in Goddess of Destruction, we decided to enhance the archers' abilities to farm. This way they can shine as they did before even if we will never upgrade to GoD.

New TvT rewards

Dear players,


Just a heads-up about the new TvT rewards on Luna - the winner team's members get a chest each. When opening these chests, you get randomly some
  • Silver Shilen
  • Blue Eva
  • Bloody Pa'agrio

(For details click on "read more")




Dear Players,

The server-specific dropcalc is now available for both Luna and Scryde. You can check out this function at the 'Server' menu above. You can check a certain item, accessory, material and other item drop rates, and you can check which mob drops it.



A brief preview of Luna

Dear players,

A brief summary of our currently GM-only-but-soon-to-start Luna server.

What we will have:

XP: x3 (low-rate, all the other rates are set accordingly)
Vitality with reduced bonus (up to +80%)
No Nevit's Blessing
Recommend system
An up to 2 login for each IP. We will presume that each login from one IP is one separate person, meaning there will be no filtering in an olympiad, TvT etc. perspective. Nevertheless,we will not punish if the same person is behind the two logins.
The maximum level difference between two party members for XP farming is 10
Max enchant: +14 Armor, +16 Weapon
Like Scryde, there will be Apiga (as the Zero Hour does not fulfill the material farming purpose anymore)
Hunter mobs (like the Slayers of Scryde, but even stronger) will drop Event Medals - these can be exchanged for head accessories
Each and every monster has a slight chance to drop FA and Glittering Medal (raids drop the latter as well), these can be exchanged for premium head accessories, agathions, shirts, belts or Fame
B and A grade common exchange (2 common items + some Event Medals = standard item)
No floating level over the monsters' heads
The Newbie Guide will give buffs up till level 85, so nobody should feel neglected. Do not think of it as a buffer NPC though.
There is no delevel on the server; you will lose XP upon death, but you will not drop in level
.xpoff command works
Class change (first two for free, the third costs quite a bit)
Autolearn up till level 40
Soul Cry available in Luxory Shop for levels 11-12-13

What we will NOT have:

Many custom NPCs - there will be an item manager (common exchange, Apiga), a helper (FA/Event Medal/Glittering Medal) and a class changer and that's it
Catacomb GK
Mana potion, GGK, buffer NPC, buff juice, Multibox, easily obtainable 81+ skill books (Tiat, Beleth, some quests, olympiad or a large amount of Silver Shilen may help you out here)
The PK penalty is similar to that of Scryde, but as the amount of XP earned is just a fragment than on Scryde, so is the karma lost upon kills
SS / SPS / BSPS over C grade. This will make crafting more vital even in the beginning (and you will get XP for crafting as well)

Those who feel that a +16 weapon or a +14 armor is just not enough for them (on a 3x server, mind you) may collect event rewards for a Crystal Scroll or two. These scrolls have a 15% less enchant chance than the standard scrolls (and upon failure, the item is crystallized), but the upper limit for it is +99.

Our goal was to put together a playable, long-term and "real Lineage 2 experience"-ish server. We hope that with the 1st of September, all of you will like it.

blarke and Myrah


Requiem for a server

Dear players,

this time we would like to inform you that one of the last and biggest Hungarian L2 servers is about to close again, it seems that the MysticWorld is closes it's gates at saturday. You can read more info about the closing on their website. Many of the Hungarian players started their L2 career there or at least have been playing there for a while. We would like to thank them all the work they have done to the Hungarian Lineage 2 community. 

We would like to add that our server is still running and we don't have any plans about closing, instead we have some plans and we will have positive changes in the near future. ;)


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