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Launch Date - 1st of May

We are excited to announce that we are not delaying this any further - the servers will launch on the 1st of May (during the day). All three of them.


You may expect all servers related articles to be updated in the time being, as well as some details and comments on Twitter.


Hope to see you all soon!

State of our brand


We have people from around the world using what we've passionately created. They are using it to have fun, for social connections - friendships, even -, to spend some free time after work or to be the very best and achievement everything that can be achieved.

We love when our community shares this fantastic world, their own stories. This brings people together to DreamShell. When you see one of our servers, we want to promote and emphasize not only our sense of design, ideas or a bunch of settings, but the consistency of DreamShell brand.

This philosophy is carried through with every DreamShell product and component, from the welcome message on every server to the last typed character on our website. We worked hard for years to build this face and recognition of the brand and eventually became the synonym of stability and pure gaming.

For this reason we really hope that – both as a totally free gaming platform, and everything beyond - DreamShell will climb up to the top of current Lineage II High Five servers and help everyone to keep this amazing game alive until there is at least one player. We believe that honoring players who appreciate careful builds and equality will make it work.

With this mentality we designed three brand new servers for you just for the love of the game. We will never offer you virtual items for real-life currency or voting rewards. We offer an experienced staff, a stable platform, and great – not easy, but fun and challenging – gaming.

With Respect,

DreamShell founders

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